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Google Maps: One party creepy, one part cool

No matter where you are … it knows. No matter where you’re going … it knows how to get you there. And even how long it will take. What all-seeing power gives Google Maps all this information? Well, actually, you – along with everybody else on the road between you and your destination. But when...

Posted 1 year ago
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Bunnies on the move!

It had to happen: Pasadena’s quirkiest attraction, The Bunny Museum, has outgrown its hutch and moved to more expansive quarters just over the line in Altadena. The 23-year-old museum holds the Guinness World Record for most bunny items in the world — over 33,000! (Well, rabbits breed fast.) From...

Posted 1 year ago
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LGBT Center’s new Hollywood campus breaks ground

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s visionary Anita May Rosenstein campus on North McCadden Place will provide affordable housing for seniors, beds for homeless youths, and facilities to feed them all. The campus and its services will be open to all, not just those identifying as LGBT. It’s slated to...

Posted 1 year ago
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March job growth slows, but there is a silver lining

Executive SummaryFollowing a strong start to 2017, with an average of 217,000 jobs added in the first two months, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that March job growth slowed to 98,000. The slowdown is largely attributed to milder weather conditions in the first two months of the year,...

Posted 1 year ago
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In Place: Leimert Park

In January, Curbed Magazine announced the winner of the 2016 Curbed Cup, its annual reader-voted competition for LA Neighborhood of the Year. Leimert Park not only edged out its fellow finalist, picturesque San Pedro, but also bypassed such LA up-and-comers as Frogtown in DTLA, Highland Park, and...

Posted 1 year ago
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10 tips to ace the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Anyone who’s tackled Pasadena’s mammoth monthly yard sale knows you don’t just ramble in. Unless you have a strategy, you’ll wander around for hours, get wiped out and leave empty-handed or dragging off a pile of useless “finds.” Solution? Before you go, learn how the pros tackle the Bowl.

Posted 1 year ago
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Northern California Mid-Century masterpiece by Daniel Liebermann

Looking as if it arose fully formed from the soaring redwoods around it, flooded with morning light and soothed by the sound of Cascade Falls, this home could only have been conceived by Daniel Liebermann. A student of Frank Lloyd Wright and a trailblazer in green design and organic...

Posted 1 year ago
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Live in the House The Weeknd Smashes Up in his 'Starboy' Video — for $6.3 Million

This epic sliver of L.A. real estate is looking for a new starboy (or girl) to call it home.The Caverhill residence, aka the modernist gem that served as the setting for The Weeknd’s “Starboy” video is currently on the market. The architect-designed property, a living piece of art, is listed by...

Posted 1 year ago
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Now that’s an immersive experience!

You’ll swear you’re skimming along the ocean floor when you don a VR headset and plunge into theBlu — the Natural History Museum’s virtual reality dive experience. You’ll swim with a blue whale, explore a sunken ship, tour a teeming coral reef … breathing with ease and never getting wet.

Posted 1 year ago