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Year of the Rooster ushered in by a dragon

2017 may be the year of the rooster, but in LA, the star of the Lunar New Year celebration is a really lengthy dragon. At the 118th Annual Golden Dragon Parade and Festival in Chinatown on Saturday, February 4, he’ll preside over a dazzling day, from kung fu demos to traditional music. … food...

Posted 12 months ago
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Build a beautiful bee hotel

Not all bees live in colonies or build hives. Some are solitary workers that nest in tiny places like hollow stems and holes in wood. They don’t make honey, but they’re vital as pollinators. Bee hotels are a great way to attract more of these loners to your garden. And they can be works of art, too.

Posted 12 months ago
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The list: 26 most expensive houses for sale in LA

At John Aaroe Group, we represent everything from cozy pied-a-terres and first-time homes to resort properties in Sun Valley and Kau’ai. We also represent an array of spectacular estates. Right now, our name is on five of the 26 most expensive mansions on the market in Los Angeles, just listed by...

Posted 12 months ago
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In Place: Toluca Lake

Embraced by Universal City, Studio City, North Hollywood and Burbank, Toluca Lake and its quiet suburban charm have been attracting stars since the movies first started to flourish. It was designed as LA’s first bedroom community in 1923 on the former site of peach, apple and walnut orchards....

Posted 12 months ago
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Caltrans selling homes along never-built 710 extension

The houses have been in limbo for six decades, owned and rented by the State as placeholders for the 710 freeway extension. Now the landlord is letting go, and the homes, from modest ranchers to full-sized mansions, are up for sale.

Posted 1 year ago
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A rainbow of diamonds

Tired of white diamonds? Head over to the Natural History Museum and put some color in your carats. You’ll be dazzled by the oval-shaped 30.03-carat Juliet Pink Diamond; the Victorian Orchid, a Fancy Vivid Purple diamond; the Rainbow Necklace, made of over 100 rare diamonds of many hues; and the...

Posted 1 year ago
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When artists collide

Born five years and 5,000 miles apart, friendly rivals Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera both pioneered Cubism by returning to their ancient pasts. Now, an exhibition comparing their brilliant trajectories is at LACMA— its only US appearance.

Posted 1 year ago
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U.S. Home Construction to See Healthy Gains in 2017

Single-family home production, housing starts, and permits are all expected to rise this year, providing at least some relief to a market starved for inventory, although rising mortgage rates will likely exact a toll on affordability.That’s the outlook from the National Association of Home...

Posted 1 year ago
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Los Angeles a Top Four Global City for Foreign Real Estate Investors

Even with the uncertainties surrounding the incoming presidential administration, international investors remain almost unanimously confident in U.S. real estate, with Los Angeles again ranking as one of the most popular global markets. A survey by the Association of Foreign Investors in...

Posted 1 year ago