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The Fed is sizing up the economy: all quiet on the Western Front

Following the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) two-day meeting this week, Chairperson Janet Yellen announced the decision to continue gradually raising interest rates, with another 25 basis-point increase to a target rate between 0.75 percent and 1.00 percent. This was a second...

Posted 1 year ago
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WiFi joins Top 10 list for outdoor amenities

For the first time, wireless Internet is among the ten outdoor items homeowners want most, says a survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Outdoor WiFi has gone far beyond surround sound, lighting and security to controlling outdoor kitchen appliances, adjustable shading and more —...

Posted 1 year ago
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Old Pasadena: The insider tour

Today, Old Pasadena is a famously charming place to shop and dine. But it wasn’t always so — and Pasadena Heritage led its revitalization into a National Register Historic District. Since nobody knows its rich history and hidden delights better, tickets to PH walking tours always go fast. The...

Posted 1 year ago
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Our homes speak 20 languages

Whether they’re in Beijing, Bordeaux or Beverly Hills, when international buyers look online for a home in LA, they search in their own language. When they do, they’ll find our listings on our 20 global sites written in their preferred language and using their preferred search engine. Unlike many...

Posted 1 year ago
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Where to see this spring’s wildflower madness

There’s just one glorious word for it: rain! That’s all it took to spark a “super bloom” unlike anything the Southland has seen in over a decade. From Joshua Tree to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, an explosion of wildflowers is carpeting the landscape. Here’s a guide to where, when and what...

Posted 1 year ago
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5 things to know about LA’s George Lucas Museum

First, it might look like a spaceship, but it’s not a Star Wars Museum. Think narrative, cinematic and digital art, explored over five dramatic floors. Its landing pad is steps from the Endeavor Space Shuttle, leading Lucas to observe that he “loved the idea of being able to see space travel...

Posted 1 year ago
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Spectacular 40-acre mountaintop estate in Calistoga wine country

The breathtaking drive up is just the overture to life in the secluded luxury of rural Knights Valley. Set high in far northern Napa County in a region of world-class vineyards and estates, your grand wine country manor is surrounded by expanses of natural beauty, highlighted by panoramic views....

Posted 1 year ago
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Tracking LA’s waterfalls (yes, you heard right)

With the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains at our doorsteps, it doesn’t take much driving and hiking to find a beautiful waterfall. At least now that so much water has been falling. Here’s a guide to some of our most picturesque local falls, each one as enchanting for how it sounds as how...

Posted 1 year ago
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When architectural beauties go Hollywood

Any home designed by the revered Richard Neutra naturally captures the architectural spotlight. But the 1953 Schaarman House is owned by advertising icon Jeffrey B. Gorman — a man who appreciates its star appeal as much as its dramatic beauty. With his help, it’s amassed a string of film and...

Posted 1 year ago