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Where's the steepest drivable street in LA?

Silver Lake? San Pedro? Nope — Mt. Washington. At a ridiculous 33% grade, Eldred is not only the steepest street in LA, but in California (yes, even SF!) — and the third steepest in the country. Thank heavens they later passed a law limiting grades to 15%.

Posted over 1 year ago
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LA places that creeped moviegoers out

From the stables where David Lynch filmed Eraserhead to the unholy stalking car underpass in Christine, Los Angeles is filled with blood-curdling movie locations. Here are a few of the most … shall we say … unforgettable.

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The most haunted places in LA

From the site of the original town square to displaced Bunker Hill Victorians and an abandoned sanatorium, greater LA teems with reports of ghost sightings and supernatural rumors. Are we really alone … or have our forebears come with us?

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So many stages, so little time

With the number of plays and musicals produced here, how can you keep up? We’re here to help (or overwhelm you even more!) with the mother of all 2016-2017 theater guides, arranged by area. (Yes, Hamilton is there. See Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley > The Pantages.)

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Malibu’s mind-boggling marriage of tile and tides

When you’re an heiress with a pottery in your family, your spectacular new beach house is naturally going to be covered with glorious tile work. Today, the dazzling tiles of Adamson House are still competing with the ocean views.

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Grand’s grand slam

This month, eleven of Grand Avenue’s world-class cultural destinations are teaming for a free day of performances, exhibitions, behind the scenes tours and interactive activities. Headliners include The Broad, LA Opera, REDCAT and more.

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Artemesia: words just can’t describe it. But we can try.

It started as one of the finest Arts & Crafts houses ever built. Then, it was treated to an award-winning restoration and updated with the latest 21st Century technology. There’s really no way to describe it, because it’s pretty incredible. What do you say about a place right above Paramount...

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An astonishment of Batchelder

The exquisite tiles of Ernest A. Batchelder are among the most treasured works of the Arts & Crafts era. The Pasadena Museum of History has opened the first local exhibition dedicated to his work, including an immersive 3-D tour of his long-hidden 1914 chocolate shop in downtown LA.

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16 last-minute big-kid costumes

Step away from the ratty orange pumpkin t-shirt. (Really? Again?) This year, look like you actually tried thanks to these ideas for fun, easy Halloween costumes you can whip up fast. (Yes, even you.)

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