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Don't let it flutter by

The new Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum is a fleeting, seasonal delight. The brief summer showing at the new facility ends October 16. If you miss it, though, no problem: next up is the Spider Pavilion with some 300 arachnids.

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Capturing the coast

Decades of California artists have painted life on the coast — from bloomer-clad Victorian bathing beauties to gritty canning factories to ‘60s surf gods. Some 90 works from the 1800s to today go on view next month at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. Dive in.

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In Place: Beverly Hills Flats

In 1913, a year after the Beverly Hills Hotel opened and a year before the city was born, a large, two-story shingled chalet appeared on the barren flats nearby. Decades later, it would be treasured by actor Leslie Nielsen. Recently, the home at 721 North Beverly Drive was listed by Aaroe Estates...

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3rd Annual Pasadena John Aaroe Group Charity Poker Tournament

Have fun and raise funds for Pasadena PAL (Police Activities League)!Join us Thursday, October 6, from 5 to 10 pm at our Pasadena office. Come join your friends and colleagues at the table for fun,laughs, and charity with a chance to win one of the three large payouts for top finishers — or just...

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Café as chameleon

By day, espresso and pastries. By dusk, vino and shareable plates. The new Vinoteca at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills transforms itself daily, celebrating authentic Italian flavor with breakfast, lunch and apéritivo. Can’t quite escape the office? There’s a Power Patio with...

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The big goodbye: Raymond Chandler's LA

Raymond Chandler's novels and stories defined a Los Angeles kind of literary noir that made everyone see the city in a different light — drenched in menace and mystique. We can still glimpse Chandler's noir Los Angeles in details and moods. But for how long?

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Fashion mogul Charles Park makes spectacular entry into custom home design with $43.9M property

For decades, Charles Park has explored the elements that make great fashion: the colors, the textures, the lines, the light, the shadow, the materials. Now, Park has poured everything he knows into a new medium: custom home design. Working in concert with Samuel and Paul Oh of LA-based The Parks...

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Egyptian nitrate

No, it’s not an edgy new cocktail. It’s bygone film stock, and the Egyptian is one of just two theaters in LA that can run it. “So?” you’re thinking. Martin Scorsese replies, “The silver content (of nitrate) gave us a luminosity and a richness that was never quite matched.” And he should know.

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Here’s the Fall KCET Cinema Series schedule

After a powerful August kickoff, this popular series of pre-release screenings followed by Q&As with the filmmakers and actors continues Tuesdays through October 10 at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. You can still get prorated series passes at the Aero.

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