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Disney Silly Symphonies with LACO at the Orpheum

We can’t think of a more delightful Saturday night date: Disney’s timeless early classical cartoon shorts (including five Academy Award winners!) on the big screen at the lavish Orpheum Theater on Broadway downtown, with a live soundtrack by the LA Chamber Orchestra. That’s class.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Trust us … it’s worth it

Yes, there are 282 irregular steps. And yes, they’re 715 feet long and climb over 300 feet high. But the prize at the end of the Culver Steps is the most jaw-dropping, unobstructed panorama of Greater LA anywhere. For the view from the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, we’d definitely go the distance.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Art on the rails

Besides its convenience, one of the best thing about our growing Metro system is Metro Art, an award-winning program that enlivens the travel experience. You can see slideshows of the works online, and monthly docent-led tours onsite reveal more about the works, the artists and the art-making...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Pier pleasure

With so many amusement parks in the state, you wouldn’t think a two-acre park with twelve rides could win Yahoo’s Best Amusement Park in California. But Santa Monica’s Pacific Park did. The only West Coast amusement park on a pier, it’s home to the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel …...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Oakland A's Coco Crisp lists lavish desert resort with John Aaroe Group

Set on almost five acres, the Rancho Mirage home of Oakland A’s centerfielder Coco Crisp is much more than a magnificent estate; it’s your own private 5-star resort. The compound has just been listed at $9,995,000 by Rachelle Rosten and Sally Forster Jones of John Aaroe Group. Behind its...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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LACMA’S $75M windfall

Sometimes a long-term fundraising effort gets turbocharged overnight. That just happened for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as two benefactors stepped up with donations that took its $600 million building campaign to the halfway point. It’s the largest monetary gift in LACMA’s history, and...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Grand Park’s giant paper planes

Has a race of oversized aliens taken up origami? No, it’s just the wildly creative new shade structure set to soar over Grand Park’s Olive Court in a few weeks. A public vote picked the design among three finalists in a competition for LA artists early this year. Very delightful … and very LA.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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When Sunset's worst traffic jam was mud

If slogging down Wilshire or Sunset makes you feel like you’re in a rut, you don’t know much about ruts. At the turn of the last century, main thoroughfares like Nevada (later Wilshire), Sunset and Colorado Boulevard had way less traffic, but they made up for it in axle-deep mud, clouds of dust...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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The valley town with dueling names

From the day this small farming village sprang up in the 1880s, townspeople feuded over its name. Should it honor the man whose wheat ranch it had replaced? Or wouldn’t a native word, said to mean fertile valley, sound more … romantic? It took 30 years to agree on a winner: neither of the above.

Posted almost 2 years ago