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New Vision for Union Station

Can Los Angeles create a “destination” transit hub like those in New York and DC? LA’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is saying yes with a multimillion-dollar Union Station restoration plan. Highlights include concerts managed by LiveNation, a microbrewery and gastropub in the site of the...

Posted 2 years ago
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New Mid-Century Modern Treasures

USC Digital Libraries has just released a trove of over 1,300 digitized slides of buildings by many of the biggest names in Modernist architecture, including Lautner, Neutra, Schindler, Frey, Koenig and F. L. Wright. According to one expert, it feels like "an architecturally inclined Instagram...

Posted 2 years ago
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Artists and Fleas: LA Cool

Regular swap meets getting stale? Plan a trek to the Downtown Arts District for Artists and Fleas. Held every third weekend, it’s a well-curated kaleidoscope of locally made art, fashion, vintage finds and more from over 75 vendors. Refuel at the food trucks, then wrap up with a stroll through...

Posted 2 years ago
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Six local causes receive John Aaroe Group Community Foundation grants

In the past month, our Foundation awarded grants to six remarkable organizations devoted to helping endangered dogs, giving kids a new creative arts resource, providing equestrian therapy to children, and showing communities how to use recycled materials creatively. We’re proud to be a part of...

Posted 2 years ago
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InPlace: Hancock Park

Today, stars and Hollywood moguls treasure Hancock Park for the same reason they did in the 1920s: it’s both ravishingly beautiful and right near the studios (Paramount is just across its Melrose border). Studded with elegant Tudor, English, and Spanish and American Colonial Revival homes, it’s...

Posted 2 years ago
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Don’t get prehysterical

We realize they’re awfully convincing, but these dinosaurs are actually incredible animatronic beasts. The fact that they’re lurking in a living prehistoric forest Just makes them a little more lifelike. OK, maybe a lot more. (Plus, can a 22-foot lizard even lurk?) At least they’re in the LA Zoo,...

Posted 2 years ago
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Get to know a dog over espresso

LA’s first dog café opens this month in East Hollywood/Silverlake. The idea is to meet four-footed rescue candidates in a cozy coffee shop ambience that’s a lot more relaxed and pleasant than a shelter. (You don’t have to adopt anybody — you can just spend some furry quality time, or find out...

Posted 2 years ago
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It’s a guy thing

Props for wittiest exhibition title of the year go to LACMA’s Reigning Men, a hunky look at the evolution of male fashion trends from 1715 to today. Among the many things you’ll learn: 1) the three-piece suit was way less boring in the 18th Century; 2) hidden padding and shapewear weren’t always...

Posted 2 years ago
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A+D opens DT with an LA salute

The A+D (Architecture and Design) Museum just unveiled its new permanent home in the Downtown Arts District. Fittingly, the inaugural exhibition celebrates some of LA’s most innovative designers across a range of disciplines, from architecture and furniture to products, graphics, murals and more.

Posted 2 years ago