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Rare find in West Hollywood’s historic Spaulding Square

One of LA’s most beautiful vintage communities, Spaulding Square lies moments from the Directors Guild Theaters, Chateau Marmont, the Laugh Factory, the Strip, Sunset Plaza and more iconic Hollywood haunts. The lovingly tended period revival and Craftsman bungalows on its small, tree-lined...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Up for a star party?

We’re talking really big stars, like the Orion Nebula and Star Cluster M37. Griffith Observatory hosts these bashes once a month, and you don’t need to bring your zoom lens — you’ll have free access to their historic Zeiss and coelostat (solar) telescopes, plus telescopes on the lawn. A galaxy of...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Enamel reemerges

When hobbyists took up enameling, its presence in fine art faded. Now the Craft and Folk Art Museum has opened the first traveling exhibition of enameled art in over fifty years — from 1920 to now, jewelry to wall panels. Wow, what we’ve been missing.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Time for the next big New Year!

The Lunar one, of course. From the spectacular Golden Dragon Parade and Festival (Feb. 13) to the Chinese American Museum Lantern Festival (Mar. 5), Chinatown will be welcoming in the Year of the Monkey for weeks. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of the festivities.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Griffith Park guru

Sure, you can bumble around Griffith Park on your own, and miss most of the good stuff. Or you can hike with Ranger Ernie. He’s even postponed his retirement so you can get the full Griffith Park Experience for another year. Check his 2016 schedule.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Super-pedigreed celebrity estate in Beverly Hills

The original architect of this gracious 1923 French country estate, Elmer Grey, also designed the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel and many other landmarks. Decades later, the home was enhanced by architect to the stars Ted Grenzbach. For decades, it was the family home of Al Martino, who played Johnny...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Care for a spot of serenity?

Once upon a time, a city engineer set out to prove reclaimed water could be beautiful. The result was a stunning 6.5-acre Japanese garden in a reclamation plant. Closely modeled on the gardens of Japanese feudal lords, it still works its timeless meditative magic … in the middle of Van Nuys.

Posted almost 2 years ago
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My, what big teeth you have

Probably because you’re … a really large dragon. As the spectacular star of the 117th Golden Dragon Parade and Chinese New Year Festival in Chinatown, on Saturday, February 13, you’ll be ushering in a day-long festival of floats, bands, entertainment, food, family fun and firecrackers. What a...

Posted almost 2 years ago
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In Place: Venice

Ocean Front Walk is an ever-changing piece of performance art. Abbot Kinney, an eclectic shopping and eating excursion. Along the canals, a picturesque oasis. Facing west, it's pure Pacific panorama. And across its nine unique neighborhoods, Venice is a singular community to call home. Set...

Posted almost 2 years ago