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Los Angeles Times sneak peek

CLICK HERE  for a sneak peek at tomorrow’s spectacular John Aaroe Group ads in the Los Angeles Times!

Posted 2 years ago
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In Place: Beverly Hills

Last year, Forbes ranked 90210 the fourteenth wealthiest zip code in the country. But when it comes to fame, the Beverly Hills zip code is a solid number one. Ever since 1990, when Beverly Hills 90210 premiered, the number has been synonymous with the city and its world-famous Rodeo Drive as the...

Posted 2 years ago
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Designing for your toughest client: Yourself

Famous architects flocked to Pasadena to soak up the open creative atmosphere … and stayed to design homes of their own. This month, the Pasadena Heritage Spring Tour takes a look at five of these very personal architect creations, from stunning Craftsman beauties to late Mid-century visions.

Posted 2 years ago
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A rare and poignant look at Liz's last home

At the end of her life, Elizabeth Taylor allowed LA photographer Catherine Opie to photograph the interiors of her Bel-Air home. An exhibition of Opie’s images are on view in 700 Nimes Road, an exhibition at MOCA through May 8. Despite the millions of words written about her, these images of her...

Posted 2 years ago
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We're pretty sure they have wands

Kat Ward at Hometown Pasadena got a rare chance to snap “before” photos of the 2016 Pasadena Showcase House of Design, a grand 1918 Mission Revival. We can hardly wait to tour this place in all its Showcase glory. But 16,000 square feet, a guest house and two acres of grounds? In two months? All...

Posted 2 years ago
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John Aaroe gets real with The Real Deal

Q: You have a lot of connections but don’t do any of your own deals. Why’s that? A: I’m one of very few company owners that believe it’s highly inappropriate to compete against my own agents. When The Real Deal interviewed John Aaroe recently, they got a perspective on the real estate scene...

Posted 2 years ago
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Massive DTLA art gallery will be unmatched worldwide

The block-sized complex will represent international contemporary artists; mount museum-grade exhibitions; and feature a bookstore, research area, education lab, planting garden, public breezeway and restaurant.

Posted 2 years ago
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Why are we not surprised?

Powerhouse website Artsy has just named the 15 Most Influential Art World Cities of 2015 — and guess which one showed up at number seven. “… the city’s recent mass influx of artists has perhaps drawn the most fervent art world attention,” said the judges. We guess all that LA inspiration is...

Posted 2 years ago
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LAX Terminal 2: Ready for its closeup

It’s the terminal’s first upgrade in nearly 30 years — and it was worth the wait. See how an ordinary trip has been transformed into three gleaming shopping and dining districts, anchored by a grand statement staircase.

Posted 2 years ago