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When home gardening took root

Regular people haven’t always spent weekends at the garden center. In fact, home gardening didn’t take off until the 1880s, just in time for Impressionist painters to document the craze on canvas. American Impressionism and the Garden Movement opens January 23 at The Huntington — the only West...

Posted 2 years ago
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Favorite Fido-friendly parks

If your dog’s off-leash destination has become way too predictable, maybe it’s time to take a refreshing detour from the same old romping grounds. Check out this list of a dozen local dog parks to explore, complete with days and hours. You might also want to save the list of dog-friendly beaches...

Posted 2 years ago
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Tracking down LA’s Victorian gems

When you say “Los Angeles architecture,” the word Victorian may not be the first to come to mind. But LA’s earliest great homes were Victorians, and despite the march of progress, many of the most awesome still survive. If you love these intricate creations, we’ve got a real treasure map for you.

Posted over 2 years ago
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Taste the best for less

Ready to visit the cool LA eateries you’ve read about — without scorching your budget? During Dine LA through January 31, over 300 restaurants have specially priced lunch and dinner menus. For every seated reservation on the DineLA website, a dollar will be donated to the Midnight Mission to help...

Posted over 2 years ago
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Griffith Park: beyond the basics

It’s one of the largest urban parks in the country, and most of it is pretty untamed. No wonder most hikers stick to the popular trails leading to main landmarks like the Observatory. But quite a few surprises are hidden in its five rugged square miles. You just have to know where to look.

Posted over 2 years ago
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LA freeways: Where did we get the “The?”

In the rest of the country, people take 101 north or 80 east. Yes, we know how weird that sounds, but we’re so in the minority on this. Why are we the only people in the US who introduce every freeway number with “the?” Is it because we were so quick to jump into the fast lane? Clearly, these are...

Posted over 2 years ago
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The results are in: West Adams wins

When real estate blog Curbed LA tallied its 2015 Neighborhood of the Year poll, the winner was West Adams, which it calls “one of the classiest architectural areas in the city.” Ready to move? Local expert Natalie Neith has just listed an upgraded 1908 transitional Craftsman at 2251 West 21st...

Posted over 2 years ago
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Pritzker Prize sends a powerful message

48-year-old Alejandro Aravena, who rebuilt an entire quake-ravaged Chilean city in three months, has just won the most distinguished prize in architecture — and focused global attention on socially conscious, sustainable design.

Posted over 2 years ago
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The art of avoiding rush hour

Every second Thursday, head over to LA Art Walk in the Historic Core (loosely from 4th to 7th, Spring to Main). Drop by the Art Walk Lounge at the MALDEF building, have dinner at a nearby eatery, or grab a bite from the food trucks that gather at 7th and Spring. By the time it’s over, rush hour...

Posted over 2 years ago