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Heather Shawver and Heather Rogers began collaborating and working together 9 years ago prior to forming The Heather Group. The energy, creativity, and ideas that form when the two are together, means that buyers and sellers alike will benefit from this team effort. Learning immediately when they met ... read more »

Heather Shawver and Heather Rogers began collaborating and working together 9 years ago prior to forming The Heather Group. The energy, creativity, and ideas that form when the two are together, means that buyers and sellers alike will benefit from this team effort. Learning immediately when they met, The Heather Group found that by leveraging one another’s distinctive talents and working collaboratively that they have an innate ability to consistently make their clients happy. The Heather Group has cultivated their skills and real estate expertise which enables them to often foresee what their buyers and sellers want before they realize it themselves.

A mixture of Midwest sensibility, city savvy, and coastal inspiration is what you can expect from The Heather Group. This combined with Gibson International’s remarkable depth of real estate experience, fluid technological resources, and a recognized luxury brand gives us an unmatched local and international marketing advantage. There is really no better choice but The Heather Group at Gibson International. With 22 years of combined real estate experience and a track record of 875 transactions negotiated and closed for a total of $662 million in total sales inventory, The Heather Group obviously has knowledge of all aspects of the real estate market.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, an experienced seller, looking to expand your investment portfolio or a real estate developer who has the need for a pre-development consultation or a sales team, or someone who is just getting started and wants to learn a bit more, they are without a doubt the right choice for you.

Residents of the Westside, lovers of dogs, the beach, hiking, running and being active at all times, The Heather Group understands that choosing a home means a lifestyle choice. Whatever your priorities and goals are, they will hear your needs, guide you to the home of your dreams and help you to make it a reality.

Two Heathers are always better than one, and one of us will always be available! CALL, EMAIL, TEXT, or FACEBOOK us with all of your questions. read less «

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27 30th Ave. | Venice
Last listed at $2,495,000
10764 Tabor St. | Los Angeles
Last Listed at $1,785,000
5917 W 78th St | Westchester
Last listed at $1,749,000
4140 Glencoe Ave. #602 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $1,586,000
3667 Greenfield Ave | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,299,000
4377 Westlawn Ave | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,295,000
5400 Playa Vista Dr #19 | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,271,000 (Represented Buyer)
9315 Olin St | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,249,000 (Represented Buyer)
11880 Aneta St. | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,198,000
12867 Admiral Ave | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,169,000 (Represented Buyer)
4455 La Barca Dr | Tarzana
Last listed at $1,149,000 (Represented Buyer)
4215 Glencoe Ave #418 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $998,700
13337 Beach Ave. #408 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $979,000
13337 Beach Ave. #306 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $939,000
4050 Glencoe Ave. #203 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $897,000
4215 Glencoe Ave #205 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $875,000
4215 Glencoe Ave #316 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $850,000
4215 Glencoe Ave #215 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $849,000
4215 Glencoe Avenue, #314 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $820,000
4215 Glencoe Ave #228 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $799,000
4141 Glencoe Ave #509 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $789,000
4215 Glencoe Ave #202 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $779,000
4141 Glencoe Ave #307 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $769,000
4215 Glencoe Ave #220 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $699,000
4050 Glencoe Ave #212 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $625,000
6501 Esplanade | Playa Del Rey
Last listed at $6,500/mo (Represented Buyer)
4141 Glencoe Ave #204 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $4,350/mo
4215 Glencoe Ave #202 | Marina Del Rey
Last listed at $3,350


Don’t be deceived by Heather & Heathers' friendly professional charm. They will reel you in with experienced knowledge, befriend you as if a long lost friend, effortlessly guide you through every step, negotiate a smooth close, sell your house way over asking, walk you through every step of a sometime stressful process and drop you into a new house before you know what hit you. Were we impressed? Absolutely! My wife and I (and our daughter) couldn’t have wished for a better team in the Heathers group. With a tall order to sell our house and get us into a new one in the same window, and in a sellers market, they delivered with time to spare! They kept us updated and involved, but never over whelmed us with minor details they could handle. So beware of them, both of them. You could be next.
- The Kielys - Mar Vista seller & Tarzana homeowners
We’ve known the Heathers for years, and we knew they were the best West Side agents to help us sell our Marina Del Rey condo and to buy our first home. This was our first time to go through the selling process, and their expertise helped us do it at ease. Their knowledge of West Side realty is impeccable as they live and work in the heart of it. They ended up selling our condo within a week of listing and we sold at a very high price, more than what we expected! To buy our first home they knew that schools, budget, and location were our biggest priorities, and they both guided us in the right direction. It was one of the most stressful things we've done and their patience and understanding was invaluable. In such a competitive seller’s market they knew the tricks of the trade and secured us our first home purchase at a great price. We are still shocked at the deal we got in the Castle Heights/Beverlywood location. Both Heathers were so warm and welcoming, they treated us like friends and family. We would definitely recommend to use them as their knowledge and experience will get you far more than what you would expect!!
- The Andersons - MDR seller & Beverlywood homeowners
We first met Heather and Heather at an open house we casually attended, and immediately felt a connection to them. They were so personable and knowledgeable that months later when the time came when we were serious about a home that had just come on the market, we immediately knew we wanted to work with them. As first time buyers they guided us through every step of the process, and made themselves endlessly available for all of our questions. We were absolutely in love with this house, but so were many people, and through all of our doubt and nerves the Heathers were always patient, professional, and kind, and used their in-depth knowledge of the West Side market to help us formulate a competitive offer. This was the first time we had ever submitted an offer on a house, and because of their guidance we were extremely fortunate that our offer was accepted! We know how rare it is to get the first home you put an offer on, especially in this market, and completely have the Heathers to thank. There’s no way we would have been so fortunate without their vast experience, knowledge, and persistence. One of the first things my husband said when we found out we got the house was, "I just want to give Heather and Heather a giant hug!". They not only are the best at what they do, but they do it in such a personable way that leaves a lasting impression and makes what is a stressful and nerve-wracking process enjoyable and easy. We are happily in our first home thanks to them, and also feel we have gained new friends in the process!
- The Milords - Del Rey homeowners
The Heathers are proof there is no “I” in team. Not identical but complimentary, they are more formidable as a pair than any single agent could be. It is still not clear to me how they manage their seamless performance but throughout our journey through the Westside real estate market, one picked up where the other left off and the result was as close to perfection as any home buying/selling experience could be. Our task, at the beginning of 2014, was to find a condo in MDR with three bedrooms that was not a tri-level unit. For nine months, we worked with another agent who did not know the area and whose efforts could best be described as “find something you like in the MLS and let me know”. Running out of patience, we decided we needed new representation. We met the Heathers at an open house and were impressed with their insight into the Marina market. We interviewed them and were further impressed. What we did not know was that we would buy a unit we had seen the day before the interview. The morning we hired them, I called a Heather to tell her we’d like them to represent us and asked about the property we had seen the previous day. She said she would inquire. We learned almost immediately that we had stepped into a bidding war. Leveraging the fact we were coming out of left field, using their contacts and relationships, relentlessly prying loose information from the players, offering encouragement and advice as we sorted out our options and alternatives, we had the winning bid by five that evening at what turns out in retrospect to be a stunningly reasonable price. Not bad for a relationship which had existed for less than eight hours at the time. Bringing the rest of it home was a little bumpy due to the very demanding seller (a trust) but in the end, with the constant efforts of the Heathers, we had our flat on the edge of paradise. While it turned out we did not need their expertise in finding a property, their knowledge of the market was invaluable in making our decision and their professional skill in handling the twists and turns of the deal overcame all obstacles. But could the “condo girls” sell a house in Mar Vista and bring home top dollar? Of course they could, despite a difficult market and our rather “distinctive” home. On the hill with a view on a busy street with an upside down floor plan, it was an ideal house for a professional couple who often work from home and like to entertain. For families with young children, those looking for a “typical” home and those on a budget, not so much. It was also February – not exactly prime home selling season. Nevertheless, in consultation with the Heathers, we went for the gold on pricing. All of the teamwork we had come to expect was poured into the effort along with considerable marketing savvy and sales expertise. We believe their brilliant suggestions on staging the house, marketing it and showing it served us well. When our first escrow fell apart at the last possible minute, their persistence, good humor and tireless efforts gave us hope when things seemed hopeless. A subsequent strategic rejection of a low ball offer and some Heather sales mojo brought that buyer back at a price very close to our ask and the deed was done. Neither of these deals was easy but the performance of the Heather Group was stellar throughout. These are two smart, attractive and personable people with first-rate professional chops and abundant sales and marketing talent. They listen, they advise, they treat their clients with respect and work their tails off. And you get both of them for the price of one. If you are in the market or on the market, it just does not get any better than The Heather Group. And as you can see from the other reviews, their other clients agree
- Seller, Del Rey
Thank goodness Heather and Heather came into our lives! There are plenty of real estate agents to choose from in Los Angeles, but you should only work with these two. They sold our condo in Marina del Rey over the summer (for more than list price) and patiently helped us find the right house to buy a few months later. Ladies--thank you for all the great answers to our endless questions and for giving a personal touch to your work. We felt completely comfortable every step of the way and there's no doubt we'll work together again in the future.
- Buyer, Del Rey
I recently bought a house on the Venice Canals (Linnie Canal) and was represented by Heather Swaya and Heather Gersley. I cannot recommend them more highly. I am a lawyer and a B-1 general contractor who now owns a manufacturing business and I do not like working with anything but the best. These two are extremely bright, aggressive and importantly incredibly well-mannered nice people that everyone enjoyed working with. They did a super job on my deal. We had to move very quickly to get my house and they worked overtime to make it happen. When the prior owner wanted to stay in the house for 2 weeks after closing, they negotiated a more than satisfactory "rent" payment for the interim period. A very professional job all the way around!
- Michael Silver, Venice Canals, Venice, CA
We were first time home buyers and were not sure what to expect by the whole process. Our first step was just to try and find a realtor that we liked and someone who we found easy to get on with. The Heather Group 100% tick this box. We knew that we would need a lot of guidance and hand holding. The Heathers came through for us on this taking us through everything step by step, explaining the process clearly along the way. The benefits we got from working with the Heathers was that they made their time very available, late nights and weekends were never a problem. They have extensive knowledge of the area and they seemed to be fighting for us the whole way. Whenever we found a house we liked they did everything they could to seal the deal for us. Eventually when we got the house we now own they went the extra step with the seller and really spent their time looking out for us. I am sure that without them we would not have our dream home today. If we were to ever sell our house in the future, we would use The Heather Group without question for all the reasons stated above. Likewise when friends go though this process we will be referring them to The Heather Group.
- Jake & Molly Montgomery, Appleton Way - Mar Vista