John Lawler
Pasadena - Old Town Office


10 years selling real estate
Expert Negotiator
Team of "Georgia & John"

John brings to his real estate career an extensive background as a Senior Executive for a Fortune 100 Company. John was also on the Board of Directors for a major firm and owned his own Real Estate Development Company. ... read more »

John brings to his real estate career an extensive background as a Senior Executive for a Fortune 100 Company. John was also on the Board of Directors for a major firm and owned his own Real Estate Development Company. read less «

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In the fall of 2011 we were given short notice by our landlord to vacate a loft we had been renting for two years in downtown Los Angeles. While naively making our first forays into purchasing a home, we happened upon an open house in the Mount Washington area. What we found inside wasn't our dream house, but instead a wise, thoughtful man named John Lawler. With utmost patience, he answered all of our first time buyer questions, shared with us some contacts and instantly made us feel that our search wasn't nearly as daunting as we had thought. Over the course of the next month, we kept in touch with Mr. Lawler. We shared listings, we shared laughs and we shared thoughts about the current state of real estate technology. Organically, we began to collaborate on a search for a new home, caravanning various neighborhoods and engaging in a couple of close calls. His wisdom and thorough attention to detail nurtured us through the typical pratfalls of a real estate transactions until we finally found the perfect home. Mr. Lawler was our sherpa, our bulldog, our flashlight and billy club. Without his talent, tenacity and expertise, our lives wouldn't be nearly as enriched as they are. Without any reservations whatsoever, we recommend John Lawler for anyone in need of a real estate expert.
- Chuck M.
My fiancée and I had a wonderful experience working with John. He is one of the hardest working people I know. He's very diligent and stays on top of everything. We sat down with him and told him what we were looking for and he listened and delivered us an incredible house in the neighborhood we wanted. He was very honest with us about houses that weren't worth even walking into - he's more interested in making a connection with the people that he works with than making his commission from a sale. Once we moved in, John continued to help us by recommending contractors and handymen that did exceptional work. I can't recommend John and his wife, Georgia, enough and expect that we'll continue working with them for many, many years to come!
- Erik W.
I am so happy to write this letter to recommend your most comprehensive real estate services. I have bought two homes before the one that you helped me to buy and I have never have an agent look out for my interests so well. I know that you put in a lot of extra time to make sure that I got the best deal possible and that I would be happy in my new home...and I am! From the very beginning you understood the type of home I wanted and what I could pay, and you found it for me. There after you were steadfast through every step of the process, even making sure that I got a nice credit as well as an insurance policy for the house from the seller.I appreciate your excellent advice during the home inspections and also your helping me to facilitate the mortgage loan process. Furthermore, you kept me informed of where we were every step of the way. Through it all, I was confident in your caring professionalism, and your commitment to do the very best for your client as possible. I am eternally grateful!
- Heidi N.
This letter has been a long time coming and we just wanted to say “Thank You” for all of your hard work. It was such a pleasure working with you; you never made us feel as if we were wasting your time. Buying a house is probably one of the biggest purchases in a person’s life and we never felt pressured or rushed by you. You stood by us – even after showing us numerous houses over a span of a year. You encouraged us to not give up and that we would find the house we wanted. And with your patience and help, we did. Not only did you help us find our house, you went to battle for us. With all of your negotiating experience, got us the house we wanted at a price that worked for us. We don’t think any other agent could have done what you did.
- Craig A.