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Kevin Bourland
Pasadena - Old Town Office


Kevin is a designated Estates Director at the John Aaroe Group. This distinction is awarded to top producers whose sales inventory include multimillion-dollar estates and is recognized on a yearly basis.
Prior to entering the field of residential real estate Kevin was a professional film actor appe ... read more »

Kevin is a designated Estates Director at the John Aaroe Group. This distinction is awarded to top producers whose sales inventory include multimillion-dollar estates and is recognized on a yearly basis.
Prior to entering the field of residential real estate Kevin was a professional film actor appearing in countless feature films, television shows and television commercials. He has also directed dozens of television commercials representing national brands in the US and Canada.

This experience in working with demanding professionals both in the artistic, corporate and advertising communities served as an excellent foundation for Kevin’s entry into real estate. His professional experience provides Kevin with a “think on your feet” discipline which greatly benefits his clients—both buyers and sellers—during the sometimes challenging periods of negotiation. Kevin’s multi-faceted background along with an acute ability to recognize his client’s needs has been a major factor in explaining the success Kevin has garnered since transitioning into residential real estate.

Kevin’s three core objectives are:
• Strategic house staging and photography.
• Comprehensive targeted local to international marketing.
• Consistent open and honest dialogue with his clients.

Kevin has been a resident of South Pasadena for more than twenty-three years and lives in a restored 1919 California Craftsman home where he and his wife Carol raised their two sons. read less «

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4385 Commonwealth Ave. | La Canada Flintridge
Last listed at $7,900,000
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3543 E. California Blvd | Pasadena
Last listed at $3,499,000
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380 S. Arroyo Blvd. | Pasadena
Last listed at $3,200,000
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1001 Buena Vista Street | South Pasadena
Last listed at $2,995,000
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6252 Drexel Avenue | Beverly Center-Miracle Mile
Last listed at $2,945,000
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657 Prospect Boulevard | Pasadena
Last listed at $2,649,000
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1534 Ramona Ave | South Pasadena
Sold for $2,198,000
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1614 Camden Parkway | South Pasadena
Last listed at $2,198,000
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1107 Buena Vista St. | South Pasadena
Last listed at $1,799,000
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855 Old Mill Road | Pasadena
Last listed at $1,699,000
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720 Old Mill Road | Pasadena
Last listed at $1,399,000
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826 Garfield Ave | South Pasadena
Last listed at $1,169,000
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331 Pleasant Street | Pasadena
Last listed at $899,000


I really hate to read reviews that are nothing but superlatives because they so oft en sound insincere. In the case of our recent property purchase that is my only choice. The choice to use Kevin Bourland as our realtor was completely my husband’s. We have known Kevin for years and years and I usually go with my “don’t do business with friends” policy. I’m glad I ignored that in this case. Doing business with Kevin was one of the most pleasant experiences we’ve ever had. We were in the middle of a huge extensive family vacation and Kevin had to chase us around like he was herding cats. He patiently went out of his way to spoon feed us everything we needed and went way above and beyond what we were expecting. The entire process was made easy and I would use Kevin as my realtor again in a heartbeat.
- Therese M., South Pasadena
It was great working with Kevin! He not only helped us navigate through the inevitable twists and turns of escrow with ease, but he used his resources to get our house ready to show. He was always there for us, always available for whatever we needed- guidance, support, or just answers to our endless questions! We were fortunate to have multiple offers and he spent many hours deciding the best and most respectful way to respond to each one of them. A true professional-thank you Kevin!
- Bruce & Susan M., Pasadena
We sold our home in South Pasadena with Kevin Bourland as our realtor and we could not have been happier with how Kevin guided us through the process, or with the result.  Kevin is a professional who understands the market and was exactly what we needed as together we engaged all the variables -- when to sell, how to stage, how to price -- and went through all the hurdles -- emotional, financial, logistical -- that went into selling our beloved home.   First, Kevin’s market analysis was thorough and his recommendation for the price point proved to be spot on.  He gave us a price range for the sale and discussed what investments we would need to make in order to reach the maximum price.  He then helped us find the contractors we needed to do the landscaping, painting and electrical work, and advised us through the staging of the house, making sure the place “popped”.  He hired his own photographer and put together an outstanding brochure and website which drew an enormous number of realtors on the caravan and then realtors and buyers to the open house. We had four offers within days of the open house and then he guided us through the choosing of the offer, the counter offer and the intricacies of escrow and closing the sale.   Every step of the way everything went smoothly and Kevin was always attentive to our wishes and good humored and supportive. Kevin never pressured us. All the decisions were ours. But his recommendations and hard work made all those decisions easy to make.  We couldn’t have been happier with the realtor we chose. I highly recommend Kevin if you are listing your home
- Josh S. South Pasadena 
Very rarely does the selling of a home and the acquisition of a new one not signal a significant dynamic shift in one’s life. And as such, the process never fails to be daunting, stressful, and all consuming. It certainly was for us. But standing at the helm as he did, Kevin Bourland never allowed the immensity of the undertaking to overwhelm us. While he never pretended that what we were doing was not monumental –never diminished our anxieties or apprehensions— neither did he allow our fears to fill the windshield and become the only thing visible. He was a steady captain throughout –from the first tentative meeting through to the hand-off of keys— and made us feel as if our journey was, in fact, a part of his own. And we are immensely grateful to him.
- Joe H. & Melanie C., South Pasadena
“Kevin Bourland represented us in the sale of our home of 20 years. He guided us through the process of prepping the house for sale and the sale itself with excellent advice and support. We had multiple offers over the asking price and sold the house almost immediately. He made what seemed like an overwhelming process quite manageable.”
- Heather K., South Pasadena
"Kevin's attention to detail, consistent follow through and professionalism made such a difference throughout the listing and successful sale of our home. It is a pleasure to work with someone whose creativity, positivity and friendly attitude kept us feeling good about the process. We strongly recommend Kevin to our friends considering a real estate transaction."
- Keith & Tracy T., La Canada Flintridge
"We came to Kevin with an idea that involved a complicated two sided transaction where timing and quality of execution were of paramount importance. He helped us to evaluate the quality of competing offers, while keeping the entire transaction on schedule against a ticking clock. His expertise with regard to managing the 2 escrows, and especially his sensitivity to the historic nature of both properties helped to uncomplicate a very complex transaction. Thanks to Kevin, we are living in the home of our dreams."
- Brad & Cynthia T., Pasadena
"Throughout the entire process of my house listing and sale I have sung Kevin's praises to everyone and anyone who would listen to me. He has made what can often be a stressful and tedious process a very positive experience. I think that perhaps it is his commitment to clear and timely communication that places Kevin above the rest; he responded to every question and request quickly and with clarity. I never felt in the dark. Even post closing and as I prepare to move, he remains a resource. Kevin's knowledge of the market, and excellent marketing brought qualified buyers to the table. His counsel during negotiations was invaluable. I can’t thank him enough."
- Lissa B., Pasadena
"We needed to find that perfect house and we needed to find it fast. Kevin started working for us immediately. He showed us a house that we fell in love with. It wasn’t even on the market, but he pulled a few strings to get us inside. As it turns out, there was another accepted offer before us. The clock was ticking down, moving trucks were booked and we didn’t have a place to live. Because of Kevin’s consistent actions, he won us the house. We could not be happier. It sounds a bit corny, but without Kevin Bourland, it would never have happened."
- Scott S. & Gary D., South Pasadena