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"When you win, we win. Our team operates with the utmost professionalism and has your best interest at the heart of each transaction. With this level of support, rest assured that you are in good hands." --Segal & Ojeda

About Nick Segal: Nick Segal is Co-Founder and CEO of Partners Trust — a discerning and conscientious Los Angeles-based real estate brokerage that has grossed more than $10 billion in sales since its 2009 inception. A nationally renowned real estate agent and prized industry speaker, Nick was recently named on the Swanepoel Power 200, a formidable list of the top 200 most powerful people in residential real estate and Variety’s 2016 Showbiz Real Estate Elite.

Since launching Partners Trust, Nick has led the company from five founding partners to more than 240 active agents, with eight offices across Los Angeles and an international headquarters in Shanghai. In 2013, Nick co-founded Leverage Global Partners, an innovative and exclusive network of boutique independent real estate firms around the world. In 2015, Nick and the founders at Partners Trust started the Partners Trust Charitable Giving Fund, a non-profit foundation that provides financial support to Los Angeles-based charitable organizations.

With three decades of experience in real estate, Nick has earned the trust of a closely protected list of celebrities, business leaders and many other notable figures. He is fervently committed to raising the bar of professionalism at every touch point of a real estate transaction, a mission he also brings to his position as Chair of the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee for the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors®. From this organization, he has received two prestigious awards: Realtor of the Year in 2012 and The William May Garland Award in 2013. Nick has also taken his leadership to the national stage, speaking on the topics of luxury real estate, entrepreneurship, and business management at real estate conferences around the United States. Nick is regularly quoted in top tier publications, including Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal and Huffington Post.

After growing up on the East Coast and being driven by an intensely competitive nature, Nick arrived to the workforce at the age of 13 on a bike, delivering “Newsday” through the streets of Westhampton Beach. Graduation from a Quaker Prep School and then Vassar College formed some of Nick’s intellectual curiosity prior to venturing forth to Los Angeles in 1984, seduced by the glamour and family lineage of the film industry. During a 4-year stint in the highly competitive Los Angeles entertainment environment, Nick was a working actor appearing in movies, television shows and commercials.

Realizing he wanted more control of his destiny and the ability to engage with people more directly, Nick transitioned to real estate in 1988. His natural aptitude for the business and his competitive nature helped him quickly rise up in the ranks of the profession.

Nick is the proud father of two children, Annie and Ted and husband to his beautiful wife Laura. Together, they reside in Santa Monica. When he’s not leading the industry, Nick can be found on the course. An avid golfer, he calls the sport “a game that will beguile me to my dying day.”

About Rick Ojeda: I am one of those rare Los Angeles natives, grew up in the San Fernando Valley but over the last 14 years I have enjoyed the westside communities of Brentwood, Culver City, Santa Monica and Marina del Rey.

I have been very fortunate to have traveled the world for business and pleasure and some of my favorite places are Hong Kong, Jordan, Israel, Paris, London, Scotland and Rome. I love experiencing other cultures, seeing how other people live…and above all it reminds me how blessed my life is and how much I appreciate where I call home…Los Angeles.

Early on in my life, I loved the idea of owning real estate and the opportunities it provides. I loved it so much that I even received my degree in Real Estate from California State University, Northridge. While in college I obtained my agents license and within a year of graduating I became a real estate broker and in charge of commercial acquisitions for a firm specializing in real estate syndication. Shortly thereafter, I also realized I was a bit of an entrepreneur and eventually went on to create various patented products and developed companies in the beauty, telecommunications, retail and entertainment industries. I mention this because, it’s my universal business knowledge that has been instrumental in my past and current successes and I now apply in my working relationship with clients in real estate.

About Shaun Alen-Lee: As a handpicked member of one of the most exclusive real estate teams in Southern California, guided by Nick Segal, Shaun joined Partners Trust having been a much sought-after consultant within the tech industry. A native Angeleno and legacy from a family of real estate financing entrepreneurs, he has a firm grasp on the Los Angeles marketplace by combining his quantitative approach with his intimate knowledge of the city.

Shaun has gained a reputation as one of the top up and coming real estate agents in Los Angeles and is known for his exceptional work ethic and ability to close deals. His inclusion on the team headed by the President of Partners Trust, former chair of the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee of Beverly Hills, speaks to his high level of integrity, respected by his colleagues throughout the industry.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in 2007, Shaun was recruited by a gaming conglomerate based in Dublin, Ireland. Having been mentored by Gaming Commission board members, CEOs, financial advisors and marketing experts in Europe, Shaun gained a wealth of international contacts and high-level business experience that serves his clients well today.

Shaun specializes in forging strong relationships and negotiating tactfully on behalf of his clients. His hybrid approach of strategy and personal care allows him to provide his clients with high quality research and valuable market insights. His unshakable belief that all clients have the right to be as well informed as possible is emblematic of his high character and authentic nature. Shaun’s passion to act as a facilitator for his clients needs is the driving force behind his dedication as an agent.

Having a well-rounded approach is of paramount importance to Shaun, when not representing clients his time is spent focusing on physical health, spiritual balance and being of service to the community.

Whether representing a buyer or seller, Shaun’s commitment to exceptional service exceeds all expectations.

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